[archival press]

Plucky, Charming and Appealing
The New Yorker

raucous, raunchy, boisterous, lyrical, sad, funny and terrific…O’Callaghan is absolutely outstanding
The Hollywood Reporter

Thank you for a great performance. You were wonderful. Thank You. Thank You!
Ang Lee

Outstanding performance: John O’Callaghan in Howie The Rookie
Now Magazine

Best Performance: John O’Callaghan in Rum and Vodka
EYE Magazine

authentic and audacious…O’Callaghan is a Find
The Los Angeles Times

The men's room is where Emily's husband and pimp, Watson (a suave John O'Callaghan) waits to be paid by Mr. X. O'Callaghan deftly shows his character's progression from smug to stunned
The Associated Press

O’Callaghan gives a riotous performance
The Boston Globe

"My agent says my career's in the toilet!" O'Callaghan said, laughing heartily. He's heard that one many times
The Associated Press

With enough roguish charm to frost anyone’s lucky charms, he seems poised to give Colin Farrell, the Hollywood hottie du jour a run for his money in the Irish sweepstakes
EXTRA Magazine

O’Callaghan turns in a flawless performance
LA Weekly

O’Callaghan is dazzlingly complex…at first he seems like any cheeky street hooligan out for booze and sex, but as we learn more and plunge further, he takes us to the deeper levels
Toronto Star

Everything you have heard is true…riveting…you’ll be leaning forward, chin on hands, hanging on to every word from this charismatic actor
EYE Magazine

O’Callaghan evoked every single hangover I’ve ever had and simultaneous to boot
The Toronto Sun

An unusually agile and appealing young actor in the person of the gifted John O’Callaghan, who manages despite the odds, to maintain a measure of sympathy for an unprepossessing HERO
The Irish Echo

Great job …you stand out in this show…my production manager and I would love to talk
Daniel Baldwin

O'Callaghan is that rare actor who seems ten feet tall on stage; his sublimely talented, effervescent performance is reason enough to see the show

O’Callaghan is thrilling
CBC Radio

O'Callaghan plays a charming alcoholic monster
The New York Times

A man drinks and shags his way into insurmountable trouble in this flawlessly executed monologue
EYE Magazine

It wouldn't work as successfully if John O'Callaghan's weren't so charming and disarmingly shy as he learns that a little pain is necessary for true love
NOW Magazine

Selected Shorts: A Celebration of the Short Story Features "L.A. Stories" at the Getty…with Dustin Hoffman, Anjelica Huston, Alec Baldwin, John O’Callaghan, Joe Mantegna, Linda Hunt and Other Acclaimed Actors Read Works by Noted L.A. Authors…
The Los Angeles Times

Mr. O'Callaghan plays The Rookie with strutting Irish cool and nicely captures the play's black humor
The New York Times

Good luck in this fucked up business
Conor McPherson

O'Callaghan is skinny and hilarious
EYE Magazine

John O’Callaghan has been perfectly cast. His scenes of ridiculous physical comedy keep our minds off the tragedy we know is coming. Navigating between two extremes, Mr. O’Rowe’s play needs someone with Mr. O’ Callaghan’s impressive narrative control and gorgeous comic timing. He simpers and quails and runs away, slipping in his boots on the stage-floor. He keeps us just as off-balance as his tractionless boots, and when the fall finally comes, it’s exhilarating
The New York Sun

Performer and material are a perfect blend – this was the case with O’Callaghan’s energetic Irishman on a three day binge
NOW Magazine

O’Callaghan effortlessly plays the lead as careless and funny, manipulative and sincere, proud and pathetic, all at once
EYE Magazine

O'Callaghan is excellent at selling his character's comic braggadocio. And to O'Callaghan's credit, there are moments where the audience wants to smack Rookie upside the head almost as badly as Howie does. What higher compliment could you pay an actor?

O’Callaghan is delightful as the affluent ANATOL who is always on the prowl for the shag to end all shags

John O’Callaghan and Kathryn Winslow have passion and energy…emotionally touching
The Toronto Star

O’Callaghan proves a small role can be a shining gem
The Plain Dealer

O’Callaghan Delight
The Jewish News

Most moving and enacted most endearingly by O’Callaghan…flawless
Back Stage

The crumpled hangdog O’Callaghan exploits the piece with skill and wit
The Daily News

If you haven’t seen O’Callaghan chances are you won’t this time but I can’t believe a performance as good as this will disappear completely, so keep an ear to the ground and cross your fingers. You might get a second chance
Propoganda News